PrimeServe SME provides help that is right for your business

PrimeServe SME is a business advisory service offered to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) by PrimeServe Consulting Limited . We help your company exploit growth opportunities, manage risks, improve performance and enhance value. We provide integrated, sustainable business solutions for challenges your company may face. 

What makes us different

Integrity and a passion for delivering high quality, value adding solutions to clients underpins everything we do.


We use our strong technical expertise to help SMEs leverage their strengths so that they work smarter and grow faster.


About us

Our services

We help clients improve the way they operate; grow; reduce costs; manage risks and leverage their competences. 


Using our extensive technical skills and experience we help businesses do the following:

  • Review their business model, develop and execute a new business plan.
  • Develop growth strategy and cost reduction plans as appropriate.
  • Optimise their processes.
  • Provide financial direction and financial management solutions

We also have access to of one UK's largest business advisory networks offering a wide range of expertise and provides us with the facility to support you nationwide.


From strategic planning, providing valuable business insights and implementing robust controls to the provision of effective management support: we offer comprehensive and personalised support to your company.


Our services

Does your business have the potential to grow?

We offer a comprehensive growth programme for small and medium-sized business which can be flexed according to your requirements.


With our programme; we review the way your business operates, its business model - margins, cost structure, working capital, longer term capital requirements etc.


Our programme helps you identify ways to increase sales through new or existing customers and new channels. It also helps you develop a business plan with clear deliverables, and addresses your resource and finance requirements including pay back that you can afford without putting your business at high risk. As part of the plan, we also put in place simple financial and operational measures to monitor business performance so that you can take mitigating action as required.


Steps for growth programme

Need a Business Healthcheck?

A Business healthcheck reviews key areas of your business for strengths and weaknesses and identifies where improvements can be made, and where you may be losing money. It will also provide objective feedback and will focus on the areas where your business is most at risk.


Business Healthcheck