Health check your business


A Business health check is a review of the way a business operates, it identifies key strengths and weaknesses in a business, shows where improvements can be made, and where you may be losing money.  It provides independent and  objective feedback and will focus on the areas where your business is most at risk


The review is carried out by an experienced Business Adviser and covers the key areas of your business such as finance, people, sales, marketing, productivity and most importantly profitability. At the end of the exercise, you will be provided with a prioritised list of weaknesses that needs to be actioned.


We offer it free to qualifying small and medium sized businesses on their premises. We hope that you would use us to implement solutions to weaknesses found but you are under no obligation to do so. It is simply your choice how you implement solutions to weaknesses in your business.


If you choose to use us to help implement solutions we would prepare an action plan clearly outlining the priorities and time-scales involved so that you are able to work within budget and there are no unexpected surprises.


Contact us today for a free business healthcheck.