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Using our extensive technical skills, we help businesses work smarter and grow faster by improving the way they operate; grow; reduce costs; manage risks and leverage their competences.


We are also part of ibd Business Advice Group, one of UK’s largest business advisory groups giving us access to a wide range of business expertise at board level.


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Business planning and control

Whether short-term or long-term management planning: our business management expertise helps you to navigate your company's future with greater assurance.

Business Planning and Control

Growth Strategy

Are you looking to grow your business on a sustainable basis, we have a structured approach to help you develop the right growth platform.

Growth Strategy

Cost Reduction

Thinking about optimising your costs so you improve your profits and cashflow without hampering future growth prospects for your business : we can help you on this course. We have tried and tested methodologies that we can apply to your business to ensure that you have just the right level and types of costs to sustain your business. continuity.

Cost Reduction

Financial Management Solutions

Do you have great business ideas, projects etc but struggle to understand the financial consequences? We can help you set the financial direction, provide mentoring and help you with steering the course.

We can also help with business management audits and in developing policy recommendations.

Financial mentoring and management

Process Optimisation

Do you need help with optimising your business process? The best companies always strive for continuous process improvement. We can help If you want to modify business processes to acheive better value for money, higher return from existing assets or people, and to ensure governance, internal and regulatory compliance. This may covers all aspects of a business and involve manufacturing, procurement, marketing, research and other business functions. 

Process Optimisation


Our other consultancy areas:

  • Grant funding
  • Business mentoring
  • Business start-up