Financial mentoring and management


Many small and medium-sized businesses have a need for an experienced Finance Director but cannot afford to employ a FD full time.


If your business is going through expansion or in decline or you are looking for investment; or preparing for sale or acquisition; then it is crucial that you have an FD to guide you.


We offer help as a part time FD to fulfil this crucial role. It could be once a month or once a week depending on your business needs and what it can afford. Having someone independent and skilled who can question and help the financial process is invaluable and it means that you can focus productively on key areas of your business.

We help you with the following:


  • Understand trends and movements in your Balance Sheet 
  • Understand your Profit & Loss – are profits decreasing or losses accumulating? Can you identify the causes? Do you know the appropriate course of action to take?
  • Control your costs.  What action plans are in place to eliminate waste and unnecessary cost? 
  • Forecast your cash flow on an on-going basis – Do you need to take action? 
  • Identify which of your products or services are most profitable? 
  • Identify which of your Customers are most profitable? 
  • Identify suppliers that provide reliable and cost effective products and services? 
  • Are robust quality systems in use which protects product and service from failure?
  • Put in place key performance indicators and measures that are regularly reviewed and acted upon
  • Put a business strategy in place so that the business has a clear sense of direction