Do you want to grow your business? Does your business have the potential to grow? Do you need affordable support?

Our experience with small and medium sized companies indicates the following primary needs for those looking to grow:


  • Stimulating demand. Do you have spare capacity or slow moving inventory or simply looking for ways to expand? We can help you identify opportunities to reach new prospects and increase sales amongst existing customers. 
  • Optimise costs, improve profits and cash flow. Reducing costs if not handled adeptly can result in stifling capacity for a business to grow and hence profits and cash flows stagnate. We can help you to optimise margins and provide effective options to reduce costs.
  • Access to financial support. Do you need working capital or do you need to invest in production capacity? To access financial support most fund/loan providers will like to know their investment in your company will be safe. We help you build a business plan to address the key issues facing the company and to set clear objectives. This provides a well thought through and viable business growth plan that is critical if you need to approach a lender for funds; it also provides a reference point for the future direction of the company. 

Our comprehensive but flexible steps for business growth. See below

  1. Review of your business to ascertain the way it operates; find out the key strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities.
  2. Optimise business model to improve margins, profits and cash flow. This involves review of cost structure, inventory, debtors, creditors etc.
  3. Define marketing strategy, how to position yourselves in the market including identifying customer targets.
  4. Identify opportunities to reach new prospects, increase sales amongst existing customers, increase market awareness of products and capabilities.
  5. Design or update business plan to give a clear sense of direction, new initiatives for growth and resourcing of additional work load generated from increased sales orders.
  6. Find out how much finance is needed realistically to achieve set goals and that company can pay back finance without stifling growth so that you can adjust plans accordingly.
  7. Put in place a simple process for monitoring key business performance so that you can take corrective action when most needed.

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